2017-2018 North Dakota FAFSA Completion Initiative

Bank of North Dakota and the North Dakota University System are working jointly to provide high school counselors and administrators with information on FAFSA completion rates in school districts across the state.  Please encourage high school seniors to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA priority deadline in North Dakota is April 15.

The FAFSA completion goal for North Dakota this year is 40% of high school seniors by May 15, 2017. The national average for FAFSA completion by high school seniors is 55%. Last year, 51% of North Dakota high school seniors submitted a FAFSA as of October 2016.

2017-2018 FAFSA completion data as of May 19, 2017

Information in this table is compiled from data supplied by the US Department of Education and other sources.  Various matching techniques have been applied to match FAFSA completions to schools.  This information is dynamic and changes on a continual basis. For more information on the FAFSA or financial aid, please contact the BND College Planning Center at 800.554.2717 or the North Dakota University System at 701.224.2541.

Federal financial aid can assist college-bound students in meeting their education costs, including tuition, fees, room/board, books/supplies, transportation and miscellaneous living expenses.  Many institutions use the FAFSA results in determining scholarship eligibility.  In addition, the State of North Dakota requires the FAFSA to determine eligibility for the North Dakota need-based state grant.

Additional resources for students and families preparing for college:

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