BND goes live

That’s right. BND goes live every Tuesday at 4 p.m. on Facebook Live to discuss a variety of higher education topics. We’ll provide important information and answer your questions on everything from starting a College SAVE account through repaying student loans. Join us. We’d love to chat with you. This is a list of upcoming topics. Like us on Facebook to get notification of when we’re live.

Date Topic
April 25 Repaying student loans
May 2 Making your college visit successful
May 9 Choosing a college
May 16 Student loans 101
May 23 College SAVE heads to the Bismarck Sertoma Amusement Park
May 30 Making the most of your summer job experience
June 6 Resume writing
June 13 Choosing a career
June 20 Credit card smarts
June 27 Top five things you should know about student loans

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