Choosing and applying

Whether you’re planning on attending college for one, two or four years, pursuing education beyond high school can help you get a job and improve the quality of your life. The College Planning Center can help you figure out what to look for in a school and how to make sure you’re ready.

College visits 101
So you’re planning to go to college. You have a few colleges in mind but don’t know which one is “the right one?” Or, maybe you think you know…
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Overview of the financial aid process video
There is a flow or process in gym class. You start by stretching and work your way through each activity. Much like gym class, there is a process to h…
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Can you pass the leadership quiz?
Each and every adult who is a leader was once a kid. No kidding, right? But, it should make you, today’s teen, stop and think about what you are doi…
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A checklist for high school juniors and seniors
The junior and senior years of high school are incredibly busy; so busy that you need a checklist to know what to do next. In addition to class, homew…
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Comparing college costs
Comparing college costs is an important step in making the best decision for you. In addition to looking at location, campus size, majors and extracur…
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College Handbook helps with tough decisions ahead...
“Tough decisions ahead” could be the road sign for every high school student and that is why the College Handbook was developed by Bank of North D…
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Complicated just got easy with the College Planning Center as your resource
When it comes to planning and paying for college, there is a lot to figure out. With Bank of North Dakota’s (BND) College Planning Center, complicat…
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Creating a winning scholarship application
Your scholarship application plays a large role in whether or not you will receive a scholarship. While it takes some time, it is important to spend a…
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10 questions to ask before you choose a college
1. What do I want to do? Hopefully high school has given you the opportunity to try new things and determine what interests you and what you’re g…
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all-day HS Seniors: Make graduation part...
HS Seniors: Make graduation part...
Apr 28 all-day
Decide what you will serve for the graduation party. There are usually many parties to attend so consider that when deciding what and how much you plan to serve.
all-day College SAVE Day
College SAVE Day
May 1 all-day
For more information on starting a 529 college savings plan visit the College SAVE website.
all-day HS Seniors: Graduation day is al...
HS Seniors: Graduation day is al...
May 19 all-day
Congratulations on your successes this past year. If you need college planning assistance remember to visit BND’s College Planning Center. One final reminder. Make sure the camera batteries are charged! You’ll be taking lots of[...]
all-day ND State Track @ MDU Resources Community Bowl
ND State Track @ MDU Resources Community Bowl
May 26 – May 27 all-day