Credit cards and credit scores can be confusing, but understanding them is important to your financial health. The College Planning Center is here to make complicated, easy.

Tackling credit cards video
Like the opposing team in a football game, you need to guard your credit to avoid unwanted surprises. Making smart moves, budgeting and understanding…
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Five credit myths
Credit scores can seem complicated, so it’s hard to know whether the things you hear about credit are true or false. Here are five myths that we’r…
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What's so bad about bad credit?
It seems like everyone’s always talking about the importance of good credit. What’s the big deal? If you’re in high school or college, you’re…
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Getting and keeping a good credit score
You’ve heard over and over that maintaining good credit is important. And you’ve probably heard or seen advertisements that promise to improve you…
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Protect yourself from identity theft
Stealing unsuspecting people’s identity is big business. Identity thieves may pretend to be you so they can go on shopping sprees, apply for loans o…
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The DOs and DON’Ts of credit cards
Credit cards can be a great tool to help manage your finances. However, they can also make it easy to overspend. When you use your card, you must pay…
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Understanding credit cards
Credit cards can be a great tool to help you manage your finances and start building a good credit history. When you use your card, the credit card co…
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What to do if your identity is stolen
No matter how careful you are, there is still a chance that your identity could be stolen. Unfamiliar charges on your credit card, being denied credit…
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all-day HS Seniors: Make graduation part...
HS Seniors: Make graduation part...
Apr 28 all-day
Decide what you will serve for the graduation party. There are usually many parties to attend so consider that when deciding what and how much you plan to serve.
all-day College SAVE Day
College SAVE Day
May 1 all-day
For more information on starting a 529 college savings plan visit the College SAVE website.
all-day HS Seniors: Graduation day is al...
HS Seniors: Graduation day is al...
May 19 all-day
Congratulations on your successes this past year. If you need college planning assistance remember to visit BND’s College Planning Center. One final reminder. Make sure the camera batteries are charged! You’ll be taking lots of[...]
all-day ND State Track @ MDU Resources Community Bowl
ND State Track @ MDU Resources Community Bowl
May 26 – May 27 all-day