High School

If you’re planning on going to college, it’s a good idea to start preparing in high school. The classes you take, grades you get and activities you participate in can help you get into the college you want. Let the College Planning Center be your guide!

The category is “What to know about paying for college”
The category “What to know about paying for college” may not appear on your favorite game show, but for students and their parents, the following…
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A checklist for high school juniors and seniors
The junior and senior years of high school are incredibly busy; so busy that you need a checklist to know what to do next. In addition to class, homew…
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Comparing college costs
Comparing college costs is an important step in making the best decision for you. In addition to looking at location, campus size, majors and extracur…
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College Handbook helps with tough decisions ahead...
“Tough decisions ahead” could be the road sign for every high school student and that is why the College Handbook was developed by Bank of North D…
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Class of 2017: Apply today for a Real DEAL Scholarship
It is time to apply for the Real DEAL Scholarship! If you are a North Dakota high school senior and plan to attend a North Dakota college next year, a…
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College Application Month
Way to go North Dakota! More than 80 high schools have registered to host an event during College Application Month this October. When seniors apply t…
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Top five list for the parents of the class of 2016
Congratulations! You made it to graduation day. Raising a child is no easy feat. How many times will you think, “I can’t believe how quickly the t…
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Top five list for the class of 2017
Graduation day is in sight. Congratulations! You only need to answer the question, “So, what are you doing next year?” about 257 more times. If…
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Five W’s for a grad party: Who? What? When? Where? Why?
Some people are natural party planners. But, if you’re not one of those, here’s a handy checklist to get you started on graduation party plans.…
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Get prepared with Crash Course
Crash Course is a free event for parents, students and educators to get ready for college, discover job opportunities and learn how to pay for school.…
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all-day HS Seniors: Make graduation part...
HS Seniors: Make graduation part...
Apr 28 all-day
Decide what you will serve for the graduation party. There are usually many parties to attend so consider that when deciding what and how much you plan to serve.
all-day College SAVE Day
College SAVE Day
May 1 all-day
For more information on starting a 529 college savings plan visit the College SAVE website.
all-day HS Seniors: Graduation day is al...
HS Seniors: Graduation day is al...
May 19 all-day
Congratulations on your successes this past year. If you need college planning assistance remember to visit BND’s College Planning Center. One final reminder. Make sure the camera batteries are charged! You’ll be taking lots of[...]
all-day ND State Track @ MDU Resources Community Bowl
ND State Track @ MDU Resources Community Bowl
May 26 – May 27 all-day