The best time to start saving for college is now. By setting aside a little money from each paycheck or allowance, you can make paying for college much easier. The College Planning Center is your source for saving strategies and information on special saving programs.

18,000 College SAVE accounts and climbing!
North Dakota residents are saving $2 million per month for college through College SAVE accounts. That’s a great deal of progress over the $575,000…
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Ugift: better than a birthday present from grandma
Birthday gifts are awesome. Why would we even bother turning a year older if someone weren’t going to give us a present for it? Let’s face it,…
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Understanding the cost of education
What are you actually paying for when you pay for your college education? College costs can be confusing, but they don’t have to be. Here’s a simp…
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Why you should start saving for college (yesterday)
Let’s face it: college is expensive. And while it’s still a worthwhile investment for most people, tuition costs are likely to keep rising, so it'…
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