Student loans

Most people who go to college need to take out student loans. The College Planning Center wants to help you make sure that your education investment is worth every penny.

Cosigning private student loans video
In a school play, an understudy learns the lines and choreography of another actor’s role. The show must go on, and if the actor is unable to play t…
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DEAL Student Loans video
Choosing how to pay for college is like standing in the school lunch line, you have a variety of options. When scholarships, grants, work-study, savin…
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Federal Direct Loan and Federal Direct PLUS Loan video
In the school lunch line, you choose either hot lunch or cold lunch. When paying for college with student loans, you need to choose which student loan…
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Four steps to getting your degree as quickly as possible
You’re only young once, but if student loan debt is a concern for you, it’s best not to spend a lot of time discovering your path in college. If y…
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Student loan basics
If you’re planning on going to college, there’s a good chance you’ll need to take out a student loan to do it. The most important thing to under…
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Understanding interest rates
Interest rates are everywhere. Car advertisements, bank billboards, furniture commercials; they all crow about how low their rates are and how little…
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